Natural Facelift Massage

What is Natural Facelift Massage?
Natural Facelift Massage™ is a safe, natural, non-invasive therapy which does not use creams, oils or machinery, just precise techniques on the skin. The treatment restores skin suppleness by toning the collagen and elastin fibres. In addition, the treatment tones the area and releases facial stress and tension.

What are the Benefits of Japanese Face Massage?
The innovative Natural Facelift Massage™ has all the benefits of conventional massage therapies; however, it is exceptional and unique by providing many other physical benefits. Skin becomes softer and more supple. The treatment improves skin tone and your complexion looks brighter. The skin has renewed elasticity, and sagging skin and puffiness is reduced.

Reduced wrinkles, habitual expression lines & under-eye puffiness
Improved skin tone and complexion
Better blood & lymphatic circulation
Increased elimination of toxins
Brighter & more alert eyes
Relief of stress-related symptoms – headaches, eyestrain, insomnia

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